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The site manager is the middle manager assigned to a relatively large security market. They are the privileged interlocutor for customers and their teams.


  • Responsible for ensuring service implementation, in compliance with specifications and regulations
  • Consulting and input of technical solutions for the customer
  • Participation in the local deployment of the quality system
  • Updating the prevention plan
  • Optimized planning of work and mission organisation while ensuring service permanency
  • Writing safety directives and service notes
  • Identification of recruitment and training needs
  • Recruitment validation
  • Training and induction of newly recruited staff
  • Evaluating and maintaining the knowledge level of team leaders and officers
  • Writing up incident reports
  • Responsible for the administrative management of their site (analysis of occupational accidents, scheduling, organising holidays…)
  • Information reports to hierarchy of problems encountered

(*Non-exhaustive list)

Qualifications and diploma required

  • Minimum level: baccalaureate to bachelor
  • Specific management training courses
  • High level of training or experience in the fields of safety/security
  • Fire safety training SSIAP, 3rd degree
  • PSC1 or SST
  • H0B0

Specific skills

The site manager must both possess technical skills in terms of security and demonstrate interpersonal and management skills. Accomplished professional, they know how to take initiatives to optimise the service in terms of quality and costs. They also need to know how to organise staff work according to priorities.