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GORON S.A. is a French private security company (under the article L611-1 of book VI of the “Code de la sécurité intérieure”), ranked among the top ten companies in the industry*. It offers a wide range of security solutions for businesses of all sizes and from any industry (aeronautics, estate agencies, museums, insurance, banks, research, automobile, logistics, distribution, etc.)

Founded in 1896, GORON S.A. is one of the oldest private security companies in France. Bought in 1954 by the Chenevier family, who has been the sole proprietor since then, it is one of the few companies of its size that remained entirely independent. This long existence is the guarantee of experience, professionalism and strength.

GORON S.A. is a genuine breeding ground for talents, women and men who are passionate about their professions and who commit daily to customer satisfaction.

The firm GORON is recognised in the market, because of its expertise and of the quality of its services. Its size and technical capabilities allow for an efficient management of all types of markets, especially the most important ones at the local or national level. This stability and financial strength make GORON the trusted partner par excellence.

Prefect Marie-François GORON, founder of GORON
(*) Source: “Panorama économique de la sécurité privée”, ATLAS 2016