Rendre notre monde sûr


Operators and Points of Vital Importance – defined by the decree of the 23rd of February 2006 and qualified as of “vital importance” by the Defence Code – are classified sites particularly exposed to risks of sabotage or terrorist acts.

These OVI/PVI must imperatively be secured in accordance with state regulations. Are concerned companies from the private or public sectors, such as defence, agribusiness, industry, pharmaceutics, transportation or energy management.

Aware of the national challenge that represents securing these sites, GORON provides agents specifically trained to meet the requirements fixed by the regulations.

Risk prevention and management

  • Pedestrian and vehicle access control
  • Surveillance patrols
  • Static surveillance
  • Cynophilist safety
  • Electronic security and remote video surveillance
  • Alarm interventions
  • Screening
  • Explosive detection
  • Close protection of the physical security of persons with our dedicated subsidiary: GORON-IPS