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The quality controller is the connection between the operations manager and the teams onsite. They are, in a way, the prime communicator.


  • Service control in compliance with the specifications
  • Work scheduling and mission organising, ensuring service permanency
  • Supervision of the application of regulations, or general or specific instructions and of service notes
  • Checking of the proper keeping of the different records, documents and billposting
  • Writing up incident reports
  • Participation in the local deployment of the quality system
  • Evaluating the officer knowledge
  • Identification of recruitment and training needs
  • Administrative follow-up of some management operations (assignments, occupational accidents, medical examinations, etc.)

(*Non-exhaustive list)

Qualifications and diploma required

  • General level: baccalaureate or equivalent diploma
  • Established experience of security professions
  • SSIAP, 2nd degree
  • PSC1 or SST
  • H0B0
  • PSE appreciated
  • Driver’s licence

Specific skills

With a good command of the technical aspects of the profession, the quality controller has to be able to take, quickly and in complete autonomy, decisions adapted to the circumstances. Their natural authority and their teaching skills appoint them as referent for operational teams.