Rendre notre monde sûr


Classified as PAB (public access building), cultural institutions (operas, museums, cinemas, etc.) are crowded places facing an increasing threat environment. It is therefore essential to implement adapted safety and security solutions to protect places and visitors.

Cultural institutions are also subject to specific regulations, as defined by the article R. 123-19 of the French Construction and Housing Code. In April 2017, the interior ministry also published a guide “Gérer la sûreté et la sécurité des événements et sites culturels”. It introduces recommendations about the measures to implement to reinforce the safety of these establishments.

GORON offers solutions adapted to each type of cultural institution.

Risk prevention and management

  • Peripheral and perimeter patrols (depending on the layout of the premises)
  • Access control
  • Static surveillance
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Cynophilist safety
  • Alarm interventions – Mobile security

Safety, fire safety and first-aid

  • Intervention, assistance and first-aid
  • Fire risk prevention (in accordance with applicable rules and standards)
  • Surveillance of technical installations
  • Assistance for the implementation of containment and evacuation procedures
  • Safety audit (with our subsidiary SOLACE)
  • Security audit (with our subsidiary CECYS)