Rendre notre monde sûr


120 years of experience

Founded in 1896, GORON S.A. is the oldest company in the profession. This longevity is the guarantee of our operational experience and of our detailed knowledge of the industry needs.

Human-sized company, GORON S.A. has the operational capabilities and the financial strength of a large group. Our teams are able to handle all types of security and safety contracts, including the most important ones.


A global offer

Over the years, GORON has developed a global offer, combining human means to very efficient technical means.

Nowadays, the company offers its customers global solutions in every field of private security:

  • – Surveillance and security
  • – Safety
  • – Technology and systems
  • – Physical protection
  • – Training and consulting

To these must be added reception and associated services, which complement our security offer.

Permanency, proximity and quality of the management 24/7

A permanent connection is ensured:

  • – During the day, by operations managers
  • – At night, by controllers and TLS PC
  • – If necessary, you can have a direct access to general management

Specialized recruitment

Our staff is recruited to best match your requirements. Moreover, we invest heavily in training: all our agents have the CQP APS and over 50% of them are qualified SSIAP 1, 2 or 3.

Strict service monitoring

Each site is monitored qualitatively at least once a week. Special attention is particularly given to night and weekend inspections.

These quality controls lead to the opening of anomaly report sheets and/or non-conformity sheets, if necessary. They also lead to the setting up of a continuous knowledge assessment, inscribed in a system of continuous improvement, by the work done on these anomaly and/or non-conformity report sheets by our staff.

a host running an identity check