Rendre notre monde sûr


Commitment to service is one of the founding values of GORON S.A. Our brand promise? To commit by your side to ensure your security.

GORON S.A. is NF* certified “Service des entreprises privées de prévention et de sécurité” since 1999 and is an active member of the brand committee at AFNOR, by participating in the continuous improvement of certification rules.

GORON S.A. takes into account the requirements of ISO 9001, for the implementation of its quality management system.

In addition, GORON S.A. is, alongside a few other peers, at the origin of the creation of the norm NF X 50-777 of the 20 May 1998 “Entreprises privées de prévention et de sécurité”. Unlike generic norms, this norm imposes the respect of effective, clear and concrete professional practices:

  • A service offering meeting your needs and requirements following a feasibility study
  • A recruitment adapted to the entrusted projects
  • Service implementation and easily identifiable action plans
  • Written guidelines approved in cooperation
  • No subcontracting without prior approval
  • Permanent presence of experienced and qualified management
  • Special attention given to night and weekend inspections
  • Operational permanence 24 hours a day and 365 days a year
  • Strong investment in staff training
  • Scheduled quality meetings
  • A progress plan every time that is possible

GORON S.A. is also involved in a sustainable approach, in order to improve the health and safety of its staff, all the while respecting the environment.

*For the agencies of Asnières-sur-Seine and Le Pecq

The GORON S.A. method

Service management

Each customer is managed by a district manager. They are their privileged interlocutor and implement the service in accordance with the specifications or with commercial proposals.

In order to guarantee maximum efficiency and availability, our operations managers do not manage more than 10 clients at a time. In addition, they always work as a duo, in order to ensure management permanency at all times.

Global support from the company

To ensure excellent services, and maintain their satisfactory operation, our operations managers have the support from all company services:

  • Recruitment service
  • Equipment and material logistics
  • Training service
  • Operational permanence 24/7
  • Monitoring service
  • Electronic security department

Specialised agency

Depending on the importance and number of sites to manage for a given customer, a market manager is appointed. They are then in charge of handling a fully dedicated management.

In some cases, a specialised sector, or even an agency can be set up with autonomous means.

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