Rendre notre monde sûr


Here at GORON S.A., we believe that sustainable development is a fundamental principle, allowing company deployment for the benefit of all.

The very history of GORON S.A., which celebrated its 120 years in 2016, is proof that its successive directors have always had a long-term strategy in mind and have shared the idea of building with the intention of passing the baton. The company is based upon a strategy allowing it to accommodate economic performance, respect for the environment and social equity. It is on all these fundamental principles that rely our goal of a healthy, responsible and sustainable growth.

Social order

  • We respect French and European regulations.
  • We recognize and concur with the fundamental principles defined by ILO and UN.
  • We estimate the risks to which our staff is potentially exposed and are permanently concerned about the health and safety working conditions in which they are employed.
  • Trade union freedom and staff representation are guaranteed and normally ensured.
  • We fight against discrimination of all kinds and promote cultural diversity.
  • We have established a special recruitment and integration policy of disabled staff.
  • We invest in the training and personal development of our staff beyond minimum legal requirements.
  • We have at our disposal an active internal promotion policy.

Economic matters

  • Our growth respects the principles of sustainable growth. We are developing in all of our professions and throughout the country, while studying the current and future developments.
  • We adapt to new requirements and economic constraints of the market, we implement new services and we balance our risks, to ensure the company sustainability and to maintain our capacity to assist our customers in their own development.
  • Our longstanding commitments in the representative authorities of our profession meet our conviction of having to build its future and of accompanying market developments in the interest of the company and of the employees.
  • Our code of ethics proscribes, in the strongest terms, any kind of corruption or any practices that can sully the regularity of the relationships with our suppliers or our customers.

Environmental order

  • Even though we don’t have any production activity, we adapt the operation of our company with simple, but immediately effective actions.
  • We have a responsible purchasing policy, we refuse waste, we encourage waste sorting, we contribute to waste recycling and we save, whenever possible, water and non-renewable energies. We print our emails only when it’s strictly necessary.
  • Our car fleet is made up of vehicles meeting the most demanding standards in terms of pollution. We also have hybrid cars and some 100% electric cars. When operational or time constraints do not dictate the use of a vehicle, we encourage the use of public transport.