Rendre notre monde sûr


GORON Safety Department – “Make the world safer”

In a context where risks and threats can affect anyone, anywhere and at any time, GORON implements innovative solutions suitable for everyone, so that your safety is no longer a concern.

Protecting any person and any property exposed to a potential danger or threat is the primary role of GORON Safety Department, bringing together the best experts, men and women, from agents to management, in order to guarantee your safety.

GORON S.A. Safety Department operates on the national and international levels, especially in particularly sensitive sites, in the luxury sector or during events. Therefore, whether you need to call on security guards, strengthened surveillance officers, cynophilist teams specialised in the search of explosives or spotters, the women and men of GORON will put their skills at your service. Moreover, our rapid projection capabilities allow for the deployment of our safety features within tight time frames.