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High-rises (IGH in France)

Article R122-2 of the French Construction and Housing code

They are subject to regulations mainly determined by the order of the 30th of December 2011, defining the safety regulations for their construction and protection against the risks of fire and panic.

  • GHA: residential buildings
  • GHO: hotel buildings
  • GHR: educational buildings
  • GHS: archiving buildings
  • GHTC: buildings used as control towers
  • GHU: buildings used as sanitary facilities
  • GHW 1: office buildings (between 28 to 50 meters)
  • GHW 2: office buildings (higher than 50 meters)
  • GHZ: buildings mainly used for residential purposes, between 28 to 50 meters, also used partly for other purposes than residential ones
  • ITGH: very high buildings with a height superior to 200 meters.


Public Access Buildings (PAB)

Classified according to the nature of their activities and the number of people they receive, PAB are subject to security regulations, notably defined by the article R. 123-19 of the French Construction and Housing code.

To meet safety and security challenges inherent to high-rises and PAB, GORON provides agents trained to the specificities of the establishments and the applicable regulations.

Risk prevention and management 

  • Car park access control
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Alarm interventions

Safety, fire safety and first-aid

  • Implementation of a fire safety service in accordance with the regulations for high-rises or PAB
  • Fire risk prevention (in accordance with applicable rules and standards)
  • Intervention, assistance and first-aid
  • SSI coordination
  • Management of providers supplying fire safety equipment
  • Redaction and update of procedures and instructions
  • Training for drawing up the Single Document
  • Assistance for the implementation of containment and evacuation procedures
  • Safety audit (with our subsidiary SOLACE)
  • Security audit, first-aid staff training (SST in France) (with our subsidiary CECYS)