Rendre notre monde sûr



Human surveillance is irreplaceable. Our officers carry out their duties in different locations (companies, administrations, museums, etc.) to prevent risks of malicious acts, theft, intelligence gathering, fire or technical risks.
The surveillance sector comprises different levels of qualifications, ranging from the beginner officer to the very experienced manager. Different professions are carried out depending on the specialities implemented (surveillance agent, cynophilist agent, screening and control agent, theft prevention agent, etc).


  • Reception and access control
  • Surveillance and security patrols
  • Video surveillance
  • Compliance and enforcement of safety instructions
  • Updating the incident logbook and other security documents
  • Writing reports of events or activities
  • Functional check of security devices and technical equipment
  • Alarm management and handling (intrusion, fire, technical)
  • Alert and guidance of intervention teams
  • Security telephone permanence

(*Non-exhaustive list)

Training and qualifications

The minimum training required is the French CQP for surveillance officer and after that, each level of qualification requires different general or specific training courses, offered by our specialised centre.