Rendre notre monde sûr


One of the priorities of hospitality is to reconcile security and customer satisfaction, without them needing to express it. Forestalling the expectations of demanding customers entails notably that they don’t have to worry about their own safety.

Consequently, GORON intervenes with institutions looking for an efficient and discrete safety and security system, with the objective to protect “customer experience”. Art of living, courtesy, sense of service and hospitality are but a few common features between hospitality and our agents, men and women, specialised in this field.

To reflect the excellence of GORON, our staff assigned to hotels take part in a complementary training module, combining luxury codes with protocol codes, meeting the highest standards. Language initiation programs can also be organised, to be able to master the basics of a second language.

At any time in the life of an hotel (pre-opening or during its operation), our subsidiaries, CECYS, SOLACE AND ESSE, offer safety and/or security audits, as well as specific training programmes for hotel staff and management. Depending on regulations, GORON is also able to send on secondment a safety & security manager by way of delegation.