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The profession of operations manager corresponds to operations management for, in complete autonomy, the operational and administrative management of a customer portfolio.

They cover different functions:

  • Operations assistant
  • Operations or district manager
  • Agency or regional operations manager


  • Guaranteeing service quality and compliance with specifications
  • Close relationships with customers
  • Consulting role and providing technical solutions
  • Active participation in the local deployment of the quality system
  • Carrying out quality audits
  • Writing safety directives and service notes
  • Optimised work scheduling and mission organising, ensuring service permanency
  • Operational management of subcontracting
  • Provisional management of jobs and skills
  • Identification of recruitment and training needs
  • Recruitments validation
  • Training and inclusion of newly recruited staff
  • Evaluating and maintaining the knowledge level of team leaders and officers
  • Updating the prevention plan
  • Writing up incident reports
  • Responsible for the administrative management of their customer portfolio (analysis of occupational accidents, scheduling, organising holidays…)
  • Participating in cross-Group projects

(*Non-exhaustive list)

Qualifications and diploma required

  • Post-graduate degree from baccalaureate to masters
  • Experience of private security professions
  • Higher technical qualifications in surveillance and fire safety and in any specific field of corporate security

Multiple skills

  • Reactive, rigorous and available, the operations manager knows how to analyse complex issues and to take the relevant decisions. Their interpersonal skills are recognised by their customers and teams.
  • They are multi-talented men and women, with a high level of technical knowledge in terms of security, but also in the fields of specific regulations of private security and social law.