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Fire safety officers intervene in all types of establishments to prevent fire, explosion or technical risks. Generally, they are also in charge of missions of rescue and of assistance to persons.

The fire protection sector is generally very specialised and offers a wide range of assignments. A quick career path is possible depending on the capacities of the officers and their commitment.


  • Compliance to regulations in terms of fire security
  • Functional check of security devices and first-aid equipment
  • Surveillance and preventive security patrols
  • Malfunction inventory
  • Updating the incident logbook and other security documents
  • Compliance and enforcement of safety instructions
  • Writing reports of events or activities
  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm management, handling and intervention
  • Participation to health or firefighting interventions
  • Alert and guidance of intervention teams
  • Security telephone permanence

(*Non-exhaustive list)

Qualifications and diploma required

  • SSIAP, 1st and 2nd degree
  • SST, PSC 1
  • PSE 1 – PSE 2
  • H0B0

Specific skills

Considering the customer electronic and technical installations, computer skills are often required.