Rendre notre monde sûr


Sensitive activities, risks of malicious acts, use of hazardous raw materials or materials… industrial sites face a plurality of security and safety issues that have to be addressed.

With the implementation of the Seveso Directive – international nomenclature for the classification of the most hazardous sites – and of the government instruction of the 30th of July 2015 – related to security reinforcement of the sites concerned against malicious acts – access to industrial sites are particularly regulated. Security stakeholders have to take it into account to offer an adapted solution.

MASE Certification

The GORON agency located in Lyon has the MASE certification. Voluntary action from the company, this certification helps to decrease occupational disease risks and the business environmental footprint. GORON provides its customers with efficient services, adapted to all situations, even the most extreme ones.

Risk prevention and management

  • Pedestrian and vehicle access control
  • Surveillance patrols
  • Static surveillance
  • Cynophilist safety
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Alarm interventions – Mobile security
  • Risk prevention for occupational accidents

Safety, fire safety and first-aid

  • Intervention, assistance and first-aid
  • Fire risk prevention (in accordance with applicable rules and standards)
  • Safety audit (with our subsidiary SOLACE)
  • Security audit (with our subsidiary CECYS)

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