Rendre notre monde sûr


Considering their economic and strategic importance, some sites are classified as “sensitive and high-risk sites”, because they are exposed to a significant risk of malicious acts or even terrorist attacks.

In the current increased threat environment, the security and regulations of sensitive and high-risk sites have been reinforced. It falls to private security companies to take into account the evolution of these regulations.

Adapted security

ICPE (facilities classified for environmental protection) are recognized as the most sensitive sites, and can represent, in case of attack, an important health or environmental hazard. Aware of this risk, GORON offers adapted solutions in accordance with applicable regulations and rely on the expertise and training of its agents, to offer services proper to each type of site.

Risk prevention and management

  • Pedestrian and vehicle access control
  • Surveillance patrols
  • Static surveillance
  • Cynophilist safety
  • Explosive detection
  • Screening
  • Technical installation surveillance
  • Electronic security
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Alarm interventions – Mobile security

Safety, fire safety and first-aid