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Our missions are not limited to protecting properties: through our entirely dedicated subsidiary, we also ensure the protection of the physical integrity of persons.

In accordance with the applicable legislation, the GSP (Goron Service de Protection) subsidiary is fully dedicated to the physical protection of persons. Because close protection cannot be improvised, GSP calls in specialists, men and women mostly coming from elite units and trained within French and European institutions (police, national gendarmerie, army…).

Regardless of the sensitivity or the protection level required for the customer, our experienced agents are trained to adapt to all types of environment. Therefore, if the close protection level required is visible and dissuasive or particularly discreet, our service excellence and our staff reactivity will be the guarantees of your serenity.

GORON-SP close protection solutions allow us to make available, in France and abroad, all the necessary means for the mission fulfilments within the legal framework (logistics, communications, specific equipment). Depending on the threats identified beforehand, or even during the mission, our specialists are trained to optimize the human and/or technical measures to implement.

Our services:

  • Close protection
  • Escort in France or worldwide
  • Risk and threat assessment
  • Background audit
  • Motorised escorts & logistical means
  • Specialised electronic and cynophilist detection
  • Additional services (drivers, armoured vehicles, divers, etc.)
  • Provision of nautical and/or aerial means

Considering the very sensitive nature of this type of services, all our employees commit to respect flawless ethics and utmost confidentiality.

Authorisation to practice from our subsidiary exclusively dedicated to the protection of the physical integrity of persons: CNAPS authorisation: AUT-075-2112-12-10-20130353969

« L’autorisation d’exercice ne confère aucune prérogative de puissance publique à l’entreprise ou aux personnes qui en bénéficient. » (art. L612-14 of the “Code de la Sécurité Intérieure”)