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When the presence of a security officer isn’t sufficient to ensure security, it becomes necessary to resort to a cynophilist team.

A cynophilist security officer ensures an effective deterrent presence. The dog allows for an early detection of a change in the environment (particularly in the presence of hostile persons). It can also intervene quickly, under the control of its handler, to protect them in their mission.

Our services

  • Strengthened surveillance of private spread-out or sensitive sites
  • Surveillance of private unfenced sites, of open sites or of public-access sites: industrial estates, car parks, construction sites, points of construction, etc.
  • Escorting people

Training and regulatory compliance

The use of a dog being potentially dangerous for the public, our cynophilist teams are rigorously selected and trained in compliance with the provisions and norms of the applicable regulations.

Moreover, as part of their ethical duties, our cynophilist security officers commit to respect the principles of good practices and animal welfare.