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In some cases, the permanent presence of an officer is not necessary or impossible because of severe budget constraints.

Nevertheless, intervention in the event of an alarm is essential on sites secured by remote surveillance or video surveillance.

To deal with these types of situations, we have developed a national mobile security network, composed of qualified agents. They drive with vehicles connected to our 24/7 operations security permanency and equipped with all necessary technical means.

Our services

  • Site opening and closure patrols
  • Security patrols at fixed or random hours
  • Onsite escort of the staff of the customer company
  • Intervention in the event of an alarm
  • Elevator intervention
  • Securing of industrial estates or residential areas
  • Precautionary caretaking
  • Release of people stuck in elevators

Intervention in the event of an alarm

Intervention is necessary to verify onsite the origin of an alarm received by our central station coming from a site under remote surveillance. This is commonly referred to as “doubt removal”.

The intervention is triggered and carried out according to the instructions predetermined with the customer, as soon as possible, by motorised teams, already pre-positioned by geographic area. The teams remain in permanent radio contact with the remote surveillance station managing the operations. Once onsite and after a recognition patrol, they will take the necessary precautionary measures.

By no means, the teams will replace police forces, who are systematically called in case of ascertained break-in or intrusion. If the alarm was caused by a technical problem, the team applies the planned instructions and only leaves the site after resolving the situation.

Each intervention will result into the establishment of a precise report.