Rendre notre monde sûr

Training and consulting

Safety audit and consulting

The security obligations you are required to follow are more and more complex and difficult to apprehend. The regulatory and jurisprudential contexts are always changing. Your own security and risk management challenges are evolving, rendering your former decisions obsolete.

With the experts of our training and consulting center, CECYS, we assist you in the analysis of your safety issues and decision making. We can also take care of the full recommandation following a thorough audit.


  • Security audit
  • Post-damage assistance


  • Listen: collecting and understanding your needs and challenges
  • Verify: measuring the potential gaps between speech and reality, following your challenges or regulations.
  • Analyse: identifying and caracterising your risks, evaluating them and measuring your weaknesses
  • Render: prescribing our analysis and solutions.
  • Help: planning improving ou modifying actions and follow their setting up.

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