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Training and consulting

Private security officers training

GORON S.A.S has developed a recognized expertise in security professions training, through its dedicated subsidiary Cecys, created in 1986.

With its 30 year-experience, CECYS is one of the most renowned training and consulting organisms in the security and risk management field. The training sessions are given by highly-trained professionals, recruited according to their field  (official first-aid services, police, security specialists) and corporate experience. All of our sector evolutions are analyzed and are added to the class material.

Our services 

  • Fire safety risk management
  • The essential training for all future security officers, from CQP APS  to high-level formations in management
  • Hygiene and occupational safety training
  • Corporate and public consulting : the CECYS staff intervene as security representatives, unique security managers and SSO coordinators.

Based in Ile-de-France with modern resources at disposal, CECYS has developed a national network which allows it to answer any requirement in France.

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