Rendre notre monde sûr

Training and consulting


Founded in 2015, ESSE is the first school specialised in the professions of safety, security and corporate risk management.


The courses are mainly intended for company executives, security or safety managers.


The course offering of the ESSE is structured around three main options:


– “Long cycles” (300 hours) to train managers to the implementation of management systems in the fields of safety and crisis management.

– “Short cycles” (84 hours) to develop essential skills for safety and crisis management.

– “Specialised modules” (1 to 3 days) opt for direct skill transfer in the key areas of risk management, in a short time period.


By training qualified managers, the school goal is to allow companies to gain autonomy in the management of their risks and to optimise their prevention and protection systems.


To find out more, please visit the ESSE website.