Rendre notre monde sûr



In some contexts, it is not uncommon for explosives to be used. Whether they are of industrial, military or artisanal conception, the necessity for detection systems require no further proof. The specialised cynophilist sector of GORON S.A. Safety Department offers this solution.

As a true complementary securing means, our cynophilist teams, specialised in the detection of explosives, pyrotechnic devices or munitions, are mainly coming from elite units and are highly mobile and available. Our duos, dogs and dog handlers, are deployable anywhere a preventive explosive detection is required, in order to secure an area, or even to ensure “doubt removal”.

Whether the potential threat targets a public or private event, a general meeting, a concert hall, a private place of residence, a hotel, a land vehicle, a yacht or a plane, our specialised cynophilist teams, holders of ad hoc technical and veterinary certifications, will be the pioneers of your security.